Newbie with questions
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    Hi tx, and welcome. Here you will find a wealth of support and more importantly information. Most importantly, everyone here will tell you DO NOT BUY YOUR MEDS ONLINE. Sorry, the thought of anyone doing that scares the beejeesus out of me. First off, it's illegal. Phen is a controlled substance and if caught, it carries a jail sentence. Second, since it is illegal, you'll never find a reputable site. They'll sell you old or counterfeit phen which is so dangerous. Plus, it'll cost you a bloody fortune for something that can do you harm.

    Now, for some info you can use...LOL. If your doctor won't prescribe you anything other than diet and exercise, find someone who will. I mean if it was as simple as diet and exercise, we wouldn't need this forum, now would we? A lot of women get it from their OB/GYN. Me personally, I actually go to a weight loss clinic that this is all they do,diet plans, prescriptions, other options. I literally found mine by googling "weight loss clinics on Long Island". I highly recommend you change the Long Island part to your neck of the woods, or you'll have to travel a lot...just kidding

    There are other, legal ways to begin the journey and I hope that you find one that understands you. If not, stick with us anyway. We aren't just phen info, we're diet, exercise, life. You have a problem, someone's probably going to have a solution. Some of us aren't even taking the meds anymore.

    Good luck and let us know how you do. Don't be a stranger
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    Unhappy Newbie with questions

    Hi All, I am so excited to see how much everyone has lost. I found this site while desparately searching for something to help. I just finished up with Meridia with very little results. My Dr. will not offer any other suggestions besides diet and exercise. Ok, well I am doing that and have been. I am close to 50 , 5 "5' and am pushing 200lbs...and am craving sweets like crazy. I just need something to get the eating under control for a while.

    Someone told me I could order phentermine on line w/o a prescription. Is that so? If so who do you order from and how do you know if you are really getting what you need?

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