I get sleepy on phen
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    the first couple of weeks it made me crazy sleepy. I remember sitting at my desk at work and going I could go to sleep right now. However, I found that if I got up and moved around and maybe went for a walk or whatever it would pick me right back up! IT was the last thing i wanted to do, but something about moving around seemed to kick my energy back up.
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    Yep me too. I would sleep all day if I did not have little ones.
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    Phen makes me kinda sleepy too. It does not give me energy, but it does keep me up all night

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    i also am on the 37.5 mg too. I started taking phen this past friday and so far from what the scale said, i have lost 4.5 lbs. I dont know if it is water weight. I have a scale that is suppose to measure body fat, water, etc. But my water levels seem to stay the same from day to day, around 55%, so I dont know if it is actually fat burning off of me. I get hot and sweat, and wonder, could that be my metabolism speeding up. I dont know. Any thoughts on that feel free to let me know. I just dont want to fail this time at losing weight. I have 25.5 more lbs to go. Wish me luck!

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    For the first 2 or 3 days on phen, I felt so energetic I had to walk circles around my work... after that, I felt wiped in the afternoons. It's been almost two weeks now though and I'm feeling much better. Guess my body was adjusting.
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    Hello! I just about finished up my 3rd month on Phen. At first it did keep me awake, but now I'm back to being able to take naps and such. But, my dad is on it and it makes him tired. What dose you on? We are both on the phen 37.5. As far as it becoming less effective...I would say that for me at around 3 weeks, I started with becoming hungry again. But, even tho I am hungrier then I was the first month on it, it still helps me control my binge eating and it has helped me with not overeating. Like I can eat a serving size portion of things and that fills me up. So, good luck to you! I hope you have much success!!!
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    Default I get sleepy on phen

    I can take phen lets say around 8 am in the morning and by 3 i want to go to sleep, does it affect anyone that way, and two i get hot sweats sometimes, but i heard that is a common side effect. It does curb my appetite.

    I heard it loses its effect on people after about 3 weeks, what do you do to cope with that? Thanks

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