Phentermine and Prozac? Has anyone had it prescribed together?
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    I have also been prescribed phentermine and prozac. I took phen by itself the first few days because I've heard about the weird side effects you can have with both of them, and lost 3 lbs. Then I started taking it with the prozac and I was just maintaining my of course I stopped taking them together. Although it did help me control my hungry threw the whole day together. I don't know though, I only took the Prozac for like 3 days...If you do starting taking them together, let me know how it turns out 4 ya! GoodLuck!!

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    I have taken both together years ago and started taking both together again. The prozac, for me, helps keep the edge off from the phen. I have also taken prozac by itself and did not gain, but some people do. If you gained weight with prozac, I would try something different if you need something for anxiety or depression, if not, take the phen by itself. Did you tell the doctor that prozac makes you gain weight? Have you tried lexapro? Some people have better luck with that.

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    Default Phentermine and Prozac? Does it work, please help

    I have been prescribed phentermine and prozac. I am taking the phen and so far everything is alright, but i notice it loses it potential after being on it for a while, now has anyone taken the two together if so does it actually help with the hunger suppression or does it work at all. I know i took prozac about a year ago but I gained weight while being on it. I need advice please from people who have taken the two together, and please let me know if i should or not, i dont want to take the two and it not work and i waste my time and money. Thank you
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