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    I work 7pm to 7am, so I know what you mean. I took mine every evening when I got up on the nights I worked and would usually not take it my first day off because I would sometimes try and get on a "normal" schedule. You just have to adjust to your schedule, as hard as it may be. You'll figure out a routine that works for you.

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    Does anybody else work nights?

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    Question night shift help

    Ok I posted this question on the board where I introduced my self but I want to post it here to just in case.

    Part of the problem that I am having is that I am having a hard time figuring out when to take my pill. I work 7pm-8am 3-4 nights a week (sun, mon, teus, and every other sat) then because I have family I have to switch back to a normal sleep at night awake during the day person the rest of the week. So, if I take it in the morning on the days that I am off what happens on the days that I sleep in the morning? (or if I take it when I get up on the days that I work ....) Does this make sense to anyone? Does anybody else work night shift that can offer up some advice? I think that is part of my problem with dieting to because I can't have any type of routine.

    Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.


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