We're giving him what he wants.
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    Oh is that what happen??? I was completely confused about all the Rick stuff. He seemed like he had it out for me since I got on the forum so I NEVER spoke to him or replied to any of his posts anyhow. I have been VERY skeptical of him from the beginning. However, everyone loved Rick then I log on today and it's tons of threads about everyone ignoring him. That's sad that he is doing this. As if there are not enough sick people in the world!!!! This forum is suppose to be positive and uplifting. It's always has to be one idiot to mess up a perfect vision.

    4/17/08 (size 18/20 pants and XXL shirts): 220 (Started Phen)
    4/17/08-5/17/08 (1st month lost 18 pounds) 202
    5/17/08-6/17/08 (2nd Month lost 8.4 pounds) 193.6
    6/17/08- 7/17/08 (3rd Month lost 7.6 ponds) 186
    7/17/08- 8/17/08:184 (No Phen)
    8/17/08-9/17/08: 182 (No Phen)
    9/17/08-11/17/08: 185 (No Phen)
    (Now~Size 13/14 pants and L shirts)

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    Exclamation We're giving him what he wants.

    Which is attention! All this talk about "rick" is just what this s.o.b. wants! Its so obvious that he has no friends & feels like the only way to get the attention 'he' desires is to make up ish on the internet! So I just say.. forget him. "He's" no better than the pathetic girls I went to high school with who had nothing better to do than spread lies about people all over myspace!
    The proof is in the pics!!! <3

    Starting over again!!!!

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