Ok so I can't seem to get passed this 160 mark. Every monday and Friday I step on the scale and no matter what, it's between 158-164. I can not get passed this! So per all of the good people at this site I am taking a week off of the phen. I started yesterday but didn't have a very good food day- I ate mexican which isn't good no matter what! Today I turn a new leaf! I just wanted any advise as to what I should do this week to try to help keep me at the 160 mark! I was told by a friend I need to send my body into shock by working out every day like hard core and eating next to nothing. I already ate a ton less than I ever have on the phen but how am I going to keep that up with out the phen?! Plus is it just me or does anyone feel better with out the phen. I know tons of people love it and I don't want to offend anyone- but I feel like my self again! Yet I keep thinking about the phen- I can see how this drug can be addicting! I have to keep telling my self " you are off of it for a week, no you don't get to take it tomorrow or the next day so get over it! " LOL I wish I could say talking to my self was a side affect and not my real personality.
So sorry about the long thread- but anyone with any advise please help me!!

with out phen and lost!!!