Time and Dosage of Phen.. Please help!
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    You should take your pill at the beginning of YOUR day. At least an hour and a half before you eat anything. I am a coffee drinker and i would wait two hours after my coffee to take it or i would be whacked for the day.

    Just give the 15mg a chance, your doc is better at prescribing your dosage needs than you are. After a month they should re-eval you and see how the 15 works.
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    Smile Time and Dosage of Phen.. Please help!

    Hello all! I just started my phen on 6/19/08. I have lost a total of 3.4 pounds (yay!!). I was just wondering when everyone takes their pills during the day what time seems to be the most effective? Also, what dosage does everyone take? My doc was hesitant to prescribe this drug to begin with so she only prescribed 15mg... I think I need the 30mg atleast to hit my goal of what I need/want to lose. She said to take 15mg one to two times a day... But is anyone out there taking a 30mg (or even the 37.5mg) TWICE a day?? Thanks for all your input and help! This site is amazing for keeping you on track! Keep it up everyone and thanks for helping me out!
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