5 lbs in a few hours?? i hope not!!
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    thanks everyone! i feel a lot better now... i have been drinking a lot since i got home and ive eaten... its just frustrating because my weight has stayed with like a pound everytime ive been on the scale this past week no matter what.

    im not gonna worry about it though, thanks so much!!

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    Most likely its weight scale or it could be your water intake! How many cups of water did you have within those hours? A half of a gallon (8 cups) of fresh water weighs roughly 4 Ibs. So it could be both! Try not to worry about it and stay positive! Good Luck and best of wishes!

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    Lol... honey.... you have to think.... take an empty glass and stick it on the scale its going to read different from when you take that glass and add food and liquid into it. Same thing with your body. Filling up all day and stepping on the scale is a negative read.
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    Sweetie, I wouldn't worry too much about it. My scale lied to me like that two days ago, and stayed that way for the whole two days. But then when I got on yesterday morning... right back down to where I was. And today, -1 pound. Just get back on track from today and hopefully your scale will quit lying to you!!
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    Default 5 lbs in a few hours?? i hope not!!

    okay my scale has been at 150-151 for like the past week and thats where it was this morning... i jumped on after work and it was still there... a few hours later its up to 155!!!

    not i havent been the best today with food cuz i had to work all day... but really 4 or 5 lbs in just a few hours??? please tell me this isnt right! im so annoyed and mad right now because i worked hard to get down and im trying to lose more but now im pretty bummer.

    anywho, i didnt take phen today... but i took a water pill so idk whats up!

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