8 lbs in one day???
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    ya u are lucky which i could poop out a 8lb turd hahahah

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    Yeah, hard to say. But if you did....WOW...you're lucky!
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    Exclamation 8 lbs in one day???

    I'm a little confused.. Friday night I got on the scale it said I was 224. I check last night and again this morning and it says im 216?? thats 8 lbs I lost in one day. I checked it twice and theres nothing wrong with my scale. I did have a bowel movement friday after I weighed myself and I usually only go 1-2 times a week so I coulda had a 8lb poop but I doubt it =p lol Saturday I woke up too late to take my phen pill but I only had a nurti grain bar until about 6pm when we went to the buffet where I ate a little duck, prime rib, mashed potatoes and a biscuit. I really didn't eat much. I am wondering what the heck is going on.. 8lbs in a day?! Ill take it for sure but I am just windering if something is wrong with me =/ I haven't been working out at all the past week either.

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