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    how about breaking up your work out??
    Like doing 30 mins in the morning and then 30 at night....? something like that?
    Does your place have a pool? you could swim?
    How about taking in the local art musuems/galleries.... or my fav (when i was single) walking to a park and then reading for a while and then walking back....
    just a couple thoughts...
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    lol you tickle me so much lol, tell me how this works out for you.
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    Insearchofme---Deal!!! Minus the kids though lol. Your hubby is handsome! Are those locs I see. I'm a s.ucker for locs . Does he have any friends in the MD area with locs by any chance?? lol--no but seriously...let me know lol

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    Ahhhh to be young and single again. I totally forgot what I was going to say, because EXTREME jealousy just took over.

    I would trade lives with you if I could. My kids may taking some gettting use to, but hubby is very easy on the eyes...

    Give it some thought, that is him in the middle with the w v-neck t-shirt.

    I am removing this photo, cuz he knows almost EVRYBODY in the world....
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    No worries - tomorrow morning there will be a 60lbs box on your front doorstep w/ 2 little boys in it. Open and proceed to run yourself ragged.

    Seriously - what about volunteering - YMCA? There is a lot of things they need help with that you could do on your own schedule.
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    Question ~*~*~*Spontaneous Workouts--TIPS*~*~*~

    Ok...I have a dilemma. I am a teacher therefore do not work over the summer. This is great and all----- but here is my issue. I have no summer job, not much money to spend, I have no kids, nor do I have many friends in this area because I am new to Maryland (sort of). How is the a problem you ask Welllll I workout FIRST thing in the morning (about 9:30 am). After that I come home, take a shower, scarf breakfast/lunch down, then watch a little tv....aaaaand that is my day. I don't have MANY errands to run, or any kids to run after, I can't call up tons of friends to get up and hang out, and I refuse to walk through the mall and window shop (I would spend $$$ regardless, because I have a serious shopping problem).

    So I find myself working out in the morning but sitting the rest of the day. I have thought of somethings I could do to get some more movement throughout the day:
    1. Walk around my apt as I'm on the phone.
    2. Every few 30 minute tv shows, do intervals of jogging and walking (throughout the whole show).
    3. Clean my apt (this is hard because I'm a neat freak and don't have much to clean)
    3. Walk to stores (close by ones) instead of drive.
    4. Make music videos in the mirror for about 4-5 songs (I do this anyway lol)
    5. Walk around the block in the middle of the day (I'm iffy about this one because I'm terrified of dogs and if I see one, I will seriously flip the f*ck out!!!)

    Ok...so that is all that I have thought of so far. Please help----if you have any other ideas for myself or even other people please share. I really need to find more excuses to get up and moving, but not get bored with it. I feel like if I continue to workout in the morning then chill all day, I won't lose anything. Because the whole point of working out is to burn calories and fat but also to get EXTRA movement in your day. If I keep this up the whole summer all I'll do is maintain the weight. Which I DO NOT want. So please share if you have ANY ideas. I'm completely open to any suggestions at this point.

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