What the heck is going on- My weight is all Wonky!
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    I always weigh myself in the morning right after I pee... it's the lowest number of the day and I like that!
    As far as your weight being bouncy... it could be salt in take, carb in take, TOM, Traveling, Muscle mass (when your muscles are sore from working out, that means that they are swollen... which means water retention). Lot's of factors could be causing it.
    I say take a deep breath give it a little time. If it's still doing it, then maybe that's how your body deals with loosing the weight.

    Hope this helps.
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    I agree... give yourself a week or two for your body to readjust and then if your weight is still all over the place, we'll go from there. As for measuring your waist... I am a firm believer in measurments as well as keeping up with poundage. It doesn't really matter where you measure, so long as you always measure the same spot. You'll lose the inches all over. I always measure right at my belly button so I can't forget where I measured last time. Good luck!!
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    If you are wanting the lowest number of the day, then right after you pee in the morning is the best time to weigh yourself. Other than that, just make it the same time every day. Your weight fluctuates depending on a lot of factors during the day: how much food, how much water, whether you've had a bowel movement, TOM, etc.... I don't know all the change in elevations you've been through with Calif and Montana, but that could cause your weight to be a bit wonky because I know whenever I'm in the mountains, I swell up like you wouldn't believe- it's actually painful and my hands and feet are huge. TOM could be messing with your weight, going back and forth between rest due to not feeling well and exercise I would think can mess with it as well. As far as the dizziness, unless it is the altitude change it could be not enough food in your system or blood pressure issues.
    Now for the wedding dress: NEVER go by the size of those things. They are a class unto themselves when it comes to size. I've never seen a wedding dress correlate to anything other piece of clothing. If you are being measured for waist size in a different place than you measure at home, it could be due to where the waist is located on the dress i.e. an Empire waist dress is going to need measured under the boobage instead of an inch above the belly button.
    Hope this gives you some ideas and hope!

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    All I can tell you is I weigh in the morning right after my first trip to the bathroom (right whe I get up). Unfortunately I don't have any other advice for you. I am sorry.
    Keep on Keepin' on!

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    Question What the heck is going on- My weight is all Wonky!

    Ok so I am kinda confused and not sure what is going on. I have some theory's but I was curious if anyone else has experienced this because I just dont know what to think. I would love your reponces!

    I went on vacation to California for 4 days last week (got back monday this week). While I was there My calorie intake got increased because we ate out a lot (usually I eat around 1200 ish, when we were there I was more like between 1500-1700- still not bad though) and I didnt work out at the gym like I normaly do. We did, however spend a good 8 hours a day on our feet walking on 3 of those days. So I did get exercise, just not really high intensity stuff that I usually do. Any way, when I got back from my trip I weighed 176, which means in the 4 days I was gone, I gained 3.2 lbs. I went to the gym tuesday and wednesday morning I weighed 174.4, Wednesday I stayed home because I felt really dizzy and kept passing out, thursday morning I weighed myself and it said 175 so I freaked and worked out again. firday morning I weighed 173. Yeah I thought, I was almost back to where I was before I left. Then saturday I weighed 171. Wahooo! I worked out again yesterday, and today I get up and I am 174 again. WHAT?!?!?!?! any ideas why my weight would be jumping all over the place like this. Usually I have a steady weight loss, like .2 lbs a day and it really helps me to stay motivated to go work out when I see that (that is why I generaly weigh myself daily- it motivates me to keep doing what I am doing, and lets me know if I need to do more). I cant even wrapp my head around this. How can I be gaining and losing 2 lbs every other day? Ugh!

    also on a side note, when do you think is the most accurate time to weigh yourself? and when you measure your waist, do you measure the widest part or the thinnest part? I only ask because I got my wedding dress fitted last week and the lady measured the smallest part of my waist. it got me thinking that my pant size coresponds with what she got, and the number I am always measuring is way bigger.

    anyway, I appreciate your thoughts, I am feeling quite depressed right now, I dont understand what is going on, and really want to know if I am actually losing weight or not.

    1/1/2008- 198.6 (start weight)
    5/1/2008- 188.00 (lost 10.6 lbs on my own, SATRTED PHEN)
    6/2/2008- 177.2 (lost another 10.8 lbs and 12 in)
    7/1/08- 171 ( Lost 6.2 Lbs and 11 1/2 in)
    7/28/08- 166 (lost 5 lbs and 5 1/2 in)

    Before at 198lbs
    AT 167lbs

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