I learned something about Phen today :)
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    I do this too. I love chicken wings,cakes and cookies. So I bought the mini desert things from better croker 150 cal per bowl and 1 tbl spoon of ice cream at least1 time every 2 weeks. It's funny yesterday I had a pizza party at work with wings. I barley ate a slice and I had 3 wings. It's all about moderation. After a while you won't even want to eat it . I just ask myself is this really worth the extra love handle?


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    This happened to me today! I decided to take a "day off". My eating has been bad this week, not in what I have eaten, but how much. I know I haven't had enough calories because I have been stressed out and worked almost 60 hours so far! So I had to work again today and they catered. I had a chicken biscuit for breakfast, ate it all....Then they did BBQ for lunch, I opted for turkey, no bun, baked beans and a spoon of potato salad-didn't finish it and it was a small plate! A friend gave me a donut later, and I couldn't resist it, then for dinner I ordered shrimp and grits and I bet I didn't even eat half! Normally I would have eaten it ALL!
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    I have noticed this too...
    A couple weeks ago hubby and I went out and I got a mini pizza from BJ's...I could only eat HALF of it...I used to be able to take a whole mini pizza and want more, lol!
    Another example is when we took the kids to McDonald's and I got my usual #2 (two hamburgers with fries)...I could only eat one hamburger and a few fries and just could NOT eat anymore!! Pretty cool! I love it!


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    Default I learned something about Phen today :)

    I told myself that I would let myself have either one "normal" meal a week, or have a cheat on one day, something like that. So today is day 7 and I went out for a burger. It was a fabulous burger too...rare how I like em. I could not even eat half of it! And, I had 2 bites of the potatoes side (opted for the cheesy hash browns instead of fries.) So, I guess its working like it should.

    On the downside, I promised I would not weigh til my tight jeans at least feel a bit looser. Tried em on this morning and they still are too tight so no weigh in this week. Oh well. Maybe next week I will be suprised!

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