Help with some questions
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    I doubt you'll get hooked... after a few days or maybe weeks, depending on your body, you'll start getting used to the effects. Your body will adjust and the symptoms will not be as pronounced. You'll most likely experience a few days here and there where you'll be so tired all day, you'll think something is wrong with you. Read through as many of these posts as you have time for and you'll learn a lot of info about what to expect on phen.
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    Default Help with some questions

    OK I started phentermine 37.5 mg yesterday, and what i did was i broke it in half because i was at work and did not want to get over hyped. Ok it within 30 minutes curved my hunger and i felt a rush of energy. 2 It gives me a " Euphoric" feeling. does it do that to anyone else or just me, because i have been told what it is, is just legal speed, and i am scared i will get hooked, but luckily the doc is monitoring my progress every 4 weeks

    OK forgot to add more things i am experiencing

    I also get hot sweats, and cannot stop going to restroom, i know its not a diuretic, but every 45 minutes, i gotta go. Do i just need to give it a few days for my body to adjust or what.
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