unrecognizable due to your weight loss?
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    I worked with a lady named Mrs Joyce, She was on the front line for about a year. I spent many a days with her. She also worked for the school. She decided that she was going to quit working at the club. I was heart broken. She was the most sweet kind lady I ever met. Any way she came in about 2 weeks ago and I have not seen her sine school started this year in Aug. I was standing at the podium and I seen her coma around the corner, I let out OMG Momma Joyce. She just stood there looking around. I was walking up to her and she would not look at me. I called her name again< She looked over her glasses and said CHRISTY I replyed yes it me. She never knew it was me. I was a good feeling to have someone you do not see ervery day notice. I realy made my week!!!!! She told me if she had seen me out somewhere she would never had known it was me.
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    I just get a lot of "Wow you've really shrunk" type comments. I would love to be unrecognized, that has got to be the best compliment.
    I do have some girlfriends I haven't seen in years since I moved away that I am supposed to hook up with this summer. They haven't seen me since I was around 270-290 and they don't know about the weight loss. I am both excited and apprehensive about the reaction I may get.
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    Lmao.... everyone i have ever known has poped outta the woodwork like.... "hi, whats up, my name is so and so....and who are you?" and i am like ....are you serious????

    The funniest was my girlfriends husband.... he hadn't seen me in four months and was like.... sweetheart.... your being real ignorant not introducing me to your new friend..... we laughed our arses off!

    After the intial stumped mode they all start jumpin around freakin out.... its become a staple and a ritual that i have to go thru this like everytime for at 10 mins...lol
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    Haven't had that happen yet, but that would be nice.


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    I haven't had that happen yet... but i do get the second looks, like they had to think about it.
    Oh how I long for that day!!! LOL
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    ahhaha no i have had this happen to my face. but yesterday we were at waffle house before we all met up for a girls night and my bff jordan goes "dude everyones talkin about you" n i was like why?! (i was like omg i hope its nothin bad ) n she was like "cuz you look so good! bryan didnt even recognize you when you walked in the other day until you burst out with the vibrate dance". i was like OMG lol he sees me all the time! how is he not gonna know?!

    its just hard for me to believe that i look THAT different.

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    I'm the opposite, actually. I am unrecognizable due to my weight gain. (Which is good, I guess.)
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    I haven't had this happen yet...only two weeks in to my new weight loss center program with the b12 lipovite shots and phen, with 8 pounds lost, but LOVED your story so much!! I will look forward to the day when I can tell a similar one! That must have made you feel so great and motivated to know that another mom thought you look so great!

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    Default unrecognizable due to your weight loss?

    i just read another thread.....the one where one of our "phriends" didn't recognize her own picture.....and i was thinking about how CMARIE posted the thread about the homeroom mother not recognizing who she was......

    has anyone else had this experience yet? where someone hasn't recognized you because of your weight loss? i have once. it's awkward and flattering at the same time.....here's what happened to me:

    So, i work for a summer program at a child care right now. i was signing my own children out at the end of the day and one of the parents was signing hers out, too. She asked me how i was doing and then was like...."i have something to tell you, but i'm ashamed to say it." i was like "what?! tell me" she said, "you remember the other day when you opened the door for me and said hi? no...i don't wanna say it!" i was like "what, say it! i was a *****? is that what?!" she was like "no! i told valerie (another employee) that "whoever that girl was" knew my name and said hi to me. i didn't know who you were!" it didn't click at first.....i was like oh, that's okay. haha....then she was like "valerie said you had lost a bunch of weight and stuff. how much have you lost? you look good. i really didn't know that was you....i'm sorry!" so, i told her how much i lost and told her it was actually a good thing she didn't recognize me because it made me feel good. at the same time i was thinking.....my god was i THAT fat that i looked like a different person?! i never knew at the time that it was that out of control. now, looking back....i can't believe i let myself think it was okay.

    anyway.....share your stories!

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