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    Ditto to the measuring and also:
    Has your doctor checked your thyroid?
    How is your menstrual cycle i.e. any symptoms of PCOS?
    Are you taking any medications that may interfere/inhibit/prevent weight loss?

    Those are a few things you may want to explore.

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    If your going to do a lot of working out or weight training, I would definately suggest keeping your measurments. I'm a "weight training" kind of gal and I started keeping my measurments last year when I started back really going at it. I spent two months working out all the time and watching my foods before I started phen, but I saw no weight loss. However, my inches were steadily decreasing so I was cool with it. I started phen to jumpstart my scale and help me get my portions right.
    210lbs-170lbs 10/01/08 - 3mo of phen & 3mo of just D&E
    208.5 lbs 05/04/10 - Wk 0 (started phen again)

    Mini Goal: 170lbs by my Vegas vacation in August

    Final Goal: 150lbs

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    Dont loose faith. Just when you least expect it, the scale will be down. All good things come to those. Patience!!

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    I would try the Low Carb/High protein for a week. See if you see a difference. Be strict about it!! Especially just for the week.
    Keep in mind you are also building muscle.... so you might not be losing lbs.... but inches....
    Have you measured yourself?? That may help...

    hope this helps..
    Height= 5'8"
    SW = 259 1/24/08
    CW 2/21/08 = 238 Lost 20 lbs
    CW 3/20/08 = 234 total 24 lbs went off phen
    CW 4/18/08 = 221 toal 33 lbs *reached mini goal
    CW 6/9/08 = TOM & Vacation.... 231 dang it- But it was fun
    CW 7/1/08 = 222
    CW 8/5/08 = 215 -Down 45lbs WOOT WOOT!!!!

    Next Mini Goal = 210

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    Hi Everyone,
    guys i need help, i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong i'm well into my second month on Phen at my 1st monh weigh in i had only lost 3 pounds. I could not believe this. 1st off i'm greatful,but i just thought i'd lost more being that my clothes were feeling a little bigger. This is what i do i watch my food intake, doc recommended 900to 1000 cals top 1100 okay every now and then. So from the beginning i avois the obvious no-nos, candy, other sweets, sodas, switch from white to whheat bread, lowered my carb intake, switched my beef & other red meat in for chiken and turkey, started eating fresh steam vegetables, cut rice down to once every other week 1 cup. The first month excercised at home at least 30 minutes a day. So earlier this Months i joined Curves*I love it* i go 5 days a week three days out of 5 i go twice 30 minutes in the am and 30 minutes in the pm and the other two days i just do the 30 minutes. I drank waterlike it's going out of style and have since i swore of soda's and juices and committed myself to this. However, i just don't feel like it's working for me and the curves rep suggest i do high protein and low carbs for the next four weeks i'm going to stick to this for the entire 6 months i'm allowed the Phen i won't give up. But curves i'm going to keep forever i just love the feeling of a good hard workout. I haven't weighed since i started which was 1 day after my first weigh end so hopefully this month weigh in will be better for me.But i'm open for any ideas or suggestions.

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