drinking question???
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    Try the Crystal Lite "fruit punch" flavor. I swear that stuff tastes so much like Koolaid that I have to use just half a pack per bottle of water or I feel like I'm drinking syrup. It's a VERY sweet flavor and it only has 10 calories and NO carbs per pack. If you like red koolaid flavors, you'll like the fruit punch.
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    Damn! I Thought this was a real drinkin question..... Oh well...

    Rasin my glass of Merlot.....



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    The sugar free grape koolaid is awesome! Tastes just like regular koolaid. It has like 5 cals per serving...and it has 2 per packet.

    Oh and i like it better than crystal light.

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    I am huge Kool-aid fan as well, but instead of using the regular kool-aid packets you should try the Sugar-free ones. I ran out so I can't list the nutrition facts, but I do know it is alot less than the reg. packets and they taste just as good. I like my kool-aid more dilluted so 1 packet = 34oz. of water ( 2 refills of my water bottle)
    Also like Rick recommended are the Crystal Light packets, which have no carbs.

    Not sure if you are near a Walgreen's, but the ones around here have Wyler's Light Singles to Go. It is a box of 50 powder packets for $5.00. Comes in quite a few different flavors but those are really good.

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    If you drink 100 oz of water you would be getting 35 grams of carbs and 300 calories,have you tried the crystal light flavorings for water?

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    Default drinking question???

    I can't seem to ever get the recommended amount of water unless i have some water and some koolaid!!!! I usually water down the kool aid and use the singles packs on the go and absolutely love them. It is only 60 calories for like 20 ounces of water and 7 carbs. So how bad is this for me???
    It can't be that bad right?
    I try to do half water/ half koolaid

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