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    same here, i also ride my stationary bike for excerise. i speed and do resistance for toning and calorie buring. don't know which one is better for weight lost.

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    You know I have the same question. I feel that when I do an hour with no resistance I am not getting a good enough work out and it feels too easy, but when I do it at a harder level I really feel it and my heart beats really fast and I feel like it is a good work out, i still do an hour but I am exhausted! So which one is best for losing weight?
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    Wow! Thanks for the advice!! My bike does not have heart monitor, but I do have one of the bands that go around you with a watch that shows your heart rate and beeps when you get to high or low. My husband bought it for me, but I didnt use it because I didnt know what it was for. Now, i think that is what it for!!!

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    There are a couple of important things you should know to starting melting off the fat. First, you need to know your target heart rate. Lets start by subtracting your age from 220 (if your a man) or 226 (if you are a woman). The resulting number is your maximum heart rate (mhr). Next choose your training zone. (I borrowed this next portion because they say it better than I can)

    Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up) --- 50 - 60% of maximum heart rate: The easiest zone and probably the best zone for people just starting a fitness program. It can also be used as a warm up for more serious walkers. This zone has been shown to help decrease body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol. It also decreases the risk of degenerative diseases and has a low risk of injury. 85% of calories burned in this zone are fats!

    Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) --- 60 - 70% of maximum heart rate: This zone provides the same benefits as the healthy heart zone, but is more intense and burns more total calories. The percent of fat calories is still 85%.

    While doing cardio you should keep your heart rate within which ever zone you have choosen. In addition, beyond what everyone says, any great trainer will tell you that you really only need 30 minutes of cardio a day. If you are not getting your heart rate into the zone you have choosen then increase the tension on your bike. You are not going to bulk up. Furthermore, if you go cardio crazy (anything over 45 minutes a day) you could be over training. Over training works against you, not for you.

    Onto the next step, your abs. You can not lose fat just from a specific area. Sorry, I know that bites but thats how our bodies work. Although on the bright side, once you start lossing fat you will notice a difference in the weight around your mid section. There are some great ab workouts that you can get right over the internet. Try
    http:// store. exercisetv. tv (remove spaces for internet address). At this site you can purchase workouts and download them right to your computer. I was checking out some ab workouts and they are around $1.99 for the download. Seems reasonably priced to me. In addition, I'm sure if you do a google search for ab routines you can find lots of free ideas.

    Hope this helps. Have fun sweating your pants off!

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    Hi Weatherfordqt

    I hav recently joined a gym and they said the best exercise for losing weight is cardio vascular, excuse spelling !

    The idea is to get your heart rate to 80% for over 20 minutes.

    If you search on google or similar there are sites that work out your heart rate for your age.

    If 80% is too intense then you can work out at 60% of your heart rate.

    If your exercise bike has a heart rate monitor then that is good, if not they suggest you count your pulse for 6 seconds and multiply by 10.

    I hope this all makes sense.

    As for the other exercises, I am sorry but I am not sure, I just do general sit ups.

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    Default Exercise help?

    I have a stationary bike that I have been riding, it has the arms and legs going at once. However, I was wondering to lose weight, is it better to up the tension or not? I am pretty tone (strong) underneath all of my fat, so I am not wanting to to build more muscles just tone and lose weight. I can go for longer and faster if I go at a lesser tension which burns more calories, but I want to know what is the best for me and my body to also help with losing weight especially around my stomach.

    Any ideas?

    Also, I cant go to a gym, but I would like to know if anyone has any good, daily ab workouts. That is where most of my weight is, and I am very and always have been weak in that area.

    Thanks so much!!!

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