help they changed my pill
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    Default I haven't even checked mine...

    Humm I haven't even checked mine. TOM is here anyways, so I haven't been taking them like I should...

    When I go to work tomorrow I will check em.

    I'll letcha know

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    Yeah, I have had that problem. Last year, my clinic was using an oval pill that was light blue with blue specks... they didn't do much of anything for me. This year I've got the squared oval white pill with blue specks. They work for me. Maybe find another clinic you can get them at??
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    Just got light blue pills with darker blue spots - 1st time!

    They worked just fine for me!

    I posted about this a few days ago and someone said depending on your pharmacy you can call them and return them.
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    Default help they changed my pill

    i have been on phentermine for a few months and this month i went to my pharmacy and they changed my pills manufactor. I had the white pills with blue dots and they worked perfect but now i have the light blue pills with blue dots andt hey are not working at all. has anyone else experenced this?

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