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    Hi, my friend took her Phen the day she was having a drink.

    I don't think she got drunk any quicker but the next day she had the hang over from hell.

    Other than that she was fine.

    If you are worried though I wouldn't take them just incase.

    Have a good weekend

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    I dont think a wild binge drinking weekend will go so well on it. I would suggest skipping the phen for the weekend. All that liqour is gonna make you eat regardless.
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    Exclamation drinking with phen...

    ok ok so i know u all r goin to tell me i shouldn't be drinking BUT this weekend is my best friends bday so its sort of a must have. my question is are there any possible hazards to drinking on phen or do they just tell u that so u won't drink so u wont hinder ur weight loss? Also,should I not take phen the next 2 days bc i'm goin to be drinking. i dont care if i get drunk quicker i just dont want n e thing bad to happen....please help!

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