New here, been on Phen 1 month, questions!
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    I get six month refills but I go in every month for a check up,stalls are caused by your metabolism slowing,change your daily exercise and look at your dit to see what could be improved.

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    I have also heard what "insearchofme" said. I was wondering if you change mg's every other month will this also give that boost?
    Ok, your doctor gave you a six month refill on Phen?? WOW! most doctors don't want to give you one month. I find that very unusual especially after looking at your current weight, if you take Phen for 6 months you'll be 0 lbs. (lol) (being silly...sorry)..but really, I don't think you should take them for 6 months without seeing that doctor or other doctor every month.
    Good Luck!!
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    I have heard a lot of people say stopping and then restarting, has given them the boost they needed. Also, you are very close to your goal weight, so the stall in weight loss may be due to that fact as well. If you haven't already, try changing your routine and see if that helps. Good luck.

    Oh yeah , it is strange that your doctor would go 6 months without seeing you and monitoring your vitals.
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    Default New here, been on Phen 1 month, questions!

    Hi all! i have been on one month now and a few days. Lost 11 lbs all in the first 3 weeks. Have had a stall since. No gain but no loss. Last nite I actually ate my first mexican (and not a lot) and gained 1 lb today! Disappointing! The effects go away after a few weeks, so i do feel more hungry than I used to. Any tips on stalls?
    Oh, when i went back on one month for check up blood pressure was elevated slightly (but had pill that day) and he said nothing over where it should be but more for me, but he was happy with my weight loss, gave me a 6 month refill and i have to see him back in December. Is that normal? My pills are the 37.5 mg white with blue specks and says some lettering on it but cannot read. do you think that stopping them a few days and going back on helps with loss of weight or just sticking with it? sorry for all the questions!

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