Shocked at the scale!!!
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    well hello my partner in crime!!! im jealous because you got hold of actual chocolate and i didnt boooooooooo But the moral of my story is that i ate really bad for 3 days and no exercise and lost two pounds...good lordy...back to the grind!
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    Wow! That is awesome, congrats! I admire your restraint with your scale too!
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    Default Shocked at the scale!!!

    I've been using a scale at my mother-in-law's house b/c its where I first weighed in at when starting phen and I don't want to use any other scale so I can get a true number each time. I know I need to buy a scale of my own but I've forbidden that dreadful thing in my home. LOL! Well to make a long story short I didnt' take any phen last week b/c TOM was visiting and I only had a 5 left anyways so I thought it would be a waste to take them anyways with the crazy PMS cravings and not to mention I didnt' have the $ to go back to the doc to get another prescription at the time. So....I binged like crazy from anything that had chocolate in it or on it, and that was followed by something salty and then somethign sweet again---you ladies know the drill. Oh, and I was really bad by ditching my water and going for my old friend Mt.Dew. I just knew I had gained the 2.5 pounds back that I had worked so hard on this month but to my surprise I finally got the nerve to weigh myself and I have somehow lost 1 more pound (weight in at night too !) with no phen and binge eating.!! Wow! Lets see how next week goes--I'm taking 1/2 a pill right now, I'm skipping Sat. and Sunday and the 5 pills should last me until I can get ot the doc on payday next week.

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