Any Ideas Why This Is Happening?
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    I feel the same way. The first couple days I feel energized and kind of buzzed. Then by like the fourth dayI felt wiped out. I think it was because my body was adjusting to living off of less calories.
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    I have that same problem. I really think that it's because we are used to having more fat/calories/carbs/sugar to burn before eating right.

    i've yet to find the PERFECT amount of each so that I feel good all day. I take mine at 7am and by 3pm-- I am BEAT!

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    You know, I kind of had that run down feeling, but could not rest earlier this week. I think it is just my body reacting to the lower calories and less rest. It is trying it's best to fight against it.....I have also heard about not taking it on the weekends. The good results are supposed to last longer that way. I haven't tried it yet, though. The most I have gone without is my half a tablet at lunch. I am too afraid of binging.


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    I dont understand why you take it durning the week and not on the weekend? The clinic I go to , you take it all the time, I cant see where the yo yo effect would do your body any good at all. Maybe that is why you feel like you do? Just a thought.

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    I was wondering if it was just me.
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    same thing happens to me and I wish I knew why. Maybe our bodies are so tired from constantly being wound up that when we crash it takes time to recover...I miss that burst of energy I used to get from p hen. I took a few days off and now i'm back on it and still feel like a slug....wish I had the answer but I dont.

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    Default Any Ideas Why This Is Happening?

    Ok, So last week was my first week. I took the Phen Mon. through Fri. and had some of the side effects like lots of energy, kinda high weird outta my head feeling and sleepless nights and no hunger at all. I decided to not take the Phen over the weekend because my head just didn't feel right I still stuck to my diet but I was really tired all weekend, guess I was coming down off the effects of the Phen. Weighed in on Monday and lost 4 lbs. which I was very happy with considering I didn't take the pills over the weekend. Anyway, So I started back on Phen this past Monday and I am still feeling tired all day, no uppidy kinda feelings and although I am not starving I don't feel like I am getting the same appetite control as I had last week and no energy. Any ideas of why this might be?

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