Does anyone know if we can take cold medicine with Phen?
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    Unhappy Does anyone know if we can take cold medicine with Phen?

    I have been pretty lucky this cold & flu season and havent' gotten sick until now. I knew it was going to happen (even though I got the flu shot) because a multiple people around me have been sick. One of my co-workers came down w/ walking pneumonia, as did a good friend of mine, and also my youngest daughter.

    Throw all of those people into contact w/ me everyday & I'm bound to get sick. I just ran to WalMart & picked up my daytime & night time Thera-flu Warming, my Robitussin for chest congestion, and the good 'ole Vick's vapor rub. As I was getting ready to choke down my medicines it dawned on me that I don't know if I can take them w/ Phen!

    Has anyone else taken them with Phen? I am getting ready to call the local pharmacy, but I wanted to see if what other Phen users have experienced with this.
    Thanks so much all!

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    I'm sorry you are sick! That is no fun. I am a true believer in Airborne. It always seems to kick my colds to the curb. And they make apple cider tablets now to heat up like thera flu.

    Check the drug interactions on the main page. I am sure you will be fine. I take nyquil to help me sleep at night and I haven't noticed any problems.

    Feel better soon!
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    i was sick, and took nyquil and i slept like a baby. no reactions; i even took some last night because i could not sleep due to phen. for me it was ok.

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    I am sick as can be and just got back from Vegas. (it was a friends bday and everyone flaked so I was determined not to allow him to celebrate his bday in Vegas alone!)

    I'm taking the 30mg and to keep myself at normal functionality I was taking dayquil/generic sudafed/theraflu severe cold once every 4 hours. Add to that mucinex every 8 hours. I had to enter a note in my phone to keep track of everything I was taking. At night I'd take the nyquil generic gel tabs. So I had a ton of medicines and I actually feel much better now. But I was definitely sticking to the flu/cold medicine once every 4 hours. I would alternate which medication I'd take to see if there was one that worked better than the other. I didnt notice a difference. Hope this helps. Hopefully I'm not freaking anyone out about how much medication I was taking, but I had a horrible bout with the flu 2 yrs ago and I had it for about 6 wks so I dont want to take any chances!

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    This is good to know. I am sick because my co worker who can work from home. i cant - feels the need to come in when she is sick. i was worried about taking nyquil. to know i can is a relief. thanks

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