My friggin wake up PICTURE!!!
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    Just remember, You may not be perfect, or pretty now, but just keep trying.....everyday. Life is best when you take the small victories and celebrate them! (like eating 1 brownie instead of the whole pan!)

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    Jimmysgirl...... Awe... Dont be so hard on yourself. You will get on track. Even if it took a pic to make you see it. ... You wanna know what made me say to myself... " Ok I have to do something.. "

    LOL You think your pic was bad.. Mine was in the middle of making love with my hubby. LOL .. yah I know TMI.. But I had a baby 4 months ago.. and Right in the middle of it I heard sounds. That I normaly dont hear. UMMM yeah... it was my fat rolls .... LMAO>.. So ya.. Dont be to hard on yourself. .
    This was me at 130. Im 140 now

    CW. 150 Started Phen
    week 1 146... down 4
    Week 2 143... down 3
    Week 3 140... down 3
    Week 4 138... down 2
    Week 5 138... TOM
    Week 6 137... down 1
    week ? 135... down 2
    Week ? 131... down 4
    Started phen again
    1-9-07 140
    GW. 115

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    Even though I happen to think you look really cute in that picture, what I think isn't going to make a bit of difference, and I know that! Been there, believe me!

    I think its great that these pictures have motivated you to get more serious about losing weight and getting healthy! What kind of exercise class have you joined? I wish I didn't have such a fear of gyms and group activites in general... lol... You are so lucky to have friends that are going with you! I bet that makes it a lot easier!
    Height: 5'2"

    Start weight: 145lbs (Jan. 24, 2005)
    Week one: 141 (Jan 31)
    Week two: 139 (Feb 7-TOM)
    Week three 135 (Feb 14)
    Week four 132 (Feb 21)
    Week five 128 (Feb 28)
    Week six 125 (March 6)

    Took a break, life happened, gained a lot back, starting back soon!

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    Well I guess because I hide from the camera all the time, I haven't realized how big I've gotten. I found 3 rolls of film, ranging in dates from 2 years ago until this xmas and had them developed. I picked them up today and wanted to puke. There isn't a pic of me in all 3 rolls where I don't have a double chin. I seriously thought that I looked good when I left the house in this outfit and now I see that I didn't and my hair looked like crap. I don't see this double chin when I look in the mirror, or this person.....good thing I finally developed this film.

    I'm so disguisted in myself. Especially since I just got done watching the Biggest Loser Special and that one mom lost 78 lbs in 5 months. Uh hello I've been on phen for over 2 months now off and on and have lost only about 4 lbs (thanks to binging over the holidays). So today I'm getting serious. I joined an exercise class on Tuesdays which was yesterday and I can barely move today, but my friends are feeling the pain too that went with me.

    I hate pics of myself and usually when they look like this I just hide them, but I'm going to torture myself and post one just because I deserve it for letting myself go. I already went out to the grocery store at 8:00 tonight and bought a ton of fruits and made two huge fruit salads which I plan on living off of ever. I'm such a friggin hipocrit for giving out advice to people that I can't even follow myself. Someone slap this double chin off my face pleeeeaaaassseee!

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