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    Hello everybody, I went to see a doctor at a weight loss clinic yesterday and he prescribed me phentermine 37.5 in the time release capsules. I start them tomorrow. Has anybody had any experiences with it? (37.5, time release) I would like to hear other's experiences so I kind of an idea of what to expect.


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    Well, I am on the 30 time release capsules. I really like the time release. The thing is, I start my deay very early (work at 6:30 am) and I take the capsule when I get up. I don't eat brakfast until 7 or so and I make sure I drink a lot of water first.

    If you take the capsule too early in the AM, it can wear off by evening and then you have the night time munchies.

    You cantake the capsule after breakfast- 2 hours after on an empty stomach, and it will carry you through later in the day.

    It can also mess up your sleep. Make it harder to fall asleep and more easily woken up. For that you can take 5 HTP.

    Good luck.
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