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    What color is your hair naturally? If your some type of blonde-red is hard to take to it, you might have to have the red done a few times. My hair is like that-fades easy as well. I'd wait a bit and then go back to her again-you paid for it and going to other hair dressers that don't know your hair could lead to more hair problems. If not shave your head and start fresh :blabla:
    Hope this helps

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    Hey everyone.. I don't get on here much.. mainly cause I work so much but I have a bad hair problem and hoping someone can give me advice bout what I should do. Well, Saturday I went in and got partial highlights. SHe put blond and red in. I absolutely loved the blond. The red starting getting an orange tint to it, so I went back today and she fixed it. Now the blond is all out except a few pieces and ALOT of the red still. I really just would rather have the blond. I don't want to call her up again but.. how long do I have to wait to go and see someone else? I really am not happy with it at all now. Please help!!!

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