Any of you have this going on?
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    Well, it's not that I am losing my butt, but the
    way I am losing it. I'm white girl with a sista's booty, if you know what I mean. I get comments like 'baby's got back' from my friends.

    No flat butt here, and I like it that way. The problem is that it is sinking in on the sides. If you were walking behind me while I am wearing tight pants you would see what I mean. If you look at me while I am standing sideways, 'baby's still got back'!

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    Well I have 2 opinions about that. Ok.. One I have no butt. LOL and when I lose weight It shows. Mine sinks in just what you decribed.

    And the way to get bulid it. I called it.. " My start from Scratch butt" Is to get on the Incline tredmil. At the gym I did a very high incline. Had to hold on cause I was walking up hill.

    3.0 and a speed of 3.5.

    Of course I had to work up to that. But I did it for 12 Min. Burning 300 Calories. Sweat like a pig. But I only kept it at 12 min. And once I got to 3.0 incline and 3.5 speed After 2 months I started feeling my butt.. LMAO for the first time. I had started getting and buliding a butt.

    My other opinion. I had a friend at work who HAD a butt. Nice one at that... not to sound gay. But When she lost SOO much weight. She lost her Butt too. And shes 5.4 I think she weighed 110 and I am thinking that 125 would fit her perfect.
    This was me at 130. Im 140 now

    CW. 150 Started Phen
    week 1 146... down 4
    Week 2 143... down 3
    Week 3 140... down 3
    Week 4 138... down 2
    Week 5 138... TOM
    Week 6 137... down 1
    week ? 135... down 2
    Week ? 131... down 4
    Started phen again
    1-9-07 140
    GW. 115

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    i understand you dilema...but have no solution...i am also 5'2" and stocky, muscular, big boned...whatever you call it...good luck...

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    I know exactly what you are talking about, the same thing is happening to me!!! What to do about it? I haven't a clue....

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    Ok, I've almost down to where I want to be.

    Currently at 135 lbs GW 125 lbs

    I was walking on the treadmill and doing strenght
    training earlier this year-- but I don't lose
    weight when I lift weights -- I bulk up pretty easily (and I better not have not one more guy say "you would be a good body builder!") I don't see that as any type of compliment.I long to be the small-boned, dainty type -- but it ain't gonna happen in this lifetime. Most people have no idea that I even weigh 135 lbs. Big boned girls can hide it I guess - even if you are only 5'2".

    Anyway, to my question, since I am not lifting
    weights (I plan to start back as soon as I am
    at my goal weight) my b u tt takes on a strange shape as the weight comes off. I have some love handles on top and small saddle bags on the bottom and in between my b u t sinks in!(stop laughing)in smooth pants you can really tell it -- and darn it, I wanna wear those pants and show off!! If you were to stand behind me my outline in the hips area would look like this:

    ( ) ----- >>> love handles around the hips
    ) ( ----- >>> where my b u t t sinks in
    ( ) ----- >>> saddle bags
    || ----- >>> legs

    Ok, it is not a great picture, but just to illustrate what I'm talking about.

    I think the weight lifting will help this tremendously, but just wanted to know if anyone else experiences this or has some funky weight
    loss body areas?

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