Im keeping it off
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    Wow you've done a great job and I hope you can get those last 14 pounds off!! Lets see a before and after photo!!
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    Hey Yall,

    I dont know if you remember me but I used to come here alot last year. I started Phen Jan. of last year and it took me about 5 or 6 months to lose 60 lbs. I have been off phen since July and so far havent gained any weight back. Im starting the phen today again to see if I can lose my last 20 or so lbs. Im 5'1 and around 135 lbs so I still have a little left to lose. Im totally happy with the way i look with clothes on but I want to look good with them off too especially since my husband will be home from Kuwait in April But anyway, this site helped me so much with getting the 60 lbs off so im looking forward to all the support getting the last 20 off I wanted yall to see that not everyone that takes phen gains the weight right back too. I know i was worried about that! Thanks yall for all your help, and good luck with your weightloss


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