Anyone switch from 30mg to 37.5mg?
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    I switched, it helped, it was a bit stronger but didn't seem to last as long. Some people try taking 1/2 in the am and 1/2 later in the day. see what works best w/ you.
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    I have been on the 30mg (blue/white capsule) for 3 months now. I have always lurked around the boards and read alot about the 37.5. I just filled my script for the 37.5 amide white with blue speck tablets (gotta love walmart only $28. for 30 days! I also learned that from a previous post.)
    Anyway I was wondering if there is any difference? I have lost 29 pounds so far but I have struggled to get through the Holidays. I have not lost any weight (nor have I gained) in 3 weeks. I know this is by my poor choices SO I am desperate to get back on track. Any feedback about the 37.5 would be great! Thanks so much.

    PS. Even though I have not posted before I have always come here and read your great advice - I have learned so much from your posts!
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