Any 3rd shifters out there that take phen? HELP
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    I work an overnight 12hr shift. I took 37.5mg at the beginning of my shift and did not have much difficulty sleeping afterwards.
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    Hey Cindy I work from 10p-7a and I sleep from roughly 8:30a-1 or 2 p. I wait an hour before taking my phen after I get up. I have not noticed it making me any hungrier or anything at those early morning hours. Actually I have been off for 2 weeks now to give my body a break and am noticing that I want to eat more in those early hours...But I am going to wait 2 more weeks again before restarting. Hope that helps some. Queenie

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    Hi Cindy,

    I work two full time jobs - 6:00 until 11:30 pm.
    I take a half pill around 1:00 pm (first half when I get up in the morning). That lasts me around 11 hours. If you are used to taking 1 pill, it should last you at least that long I would think. How about trying to split it up and take the other 1/2 after a few hours. I'd be interested in knowing how you did.
    Nina J

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    ok I am going to be starting a 3rd shif job soon, and I havent been taking my phen for like 3 week now-but want to get back on it and down to business-so-here is my delimma-should I take it about 4pm-I will be sleeping from like 9am to 3 pm-so if I take it at about 4pm I should still be able to sleep in the morning-or should I wait untill about 6 or 7pm so it dont wear off in the middle of the night at work? I should still be able to sleep if I take it that late shouldnt I? Ok any advice would be great! Cindy
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