Just starting...Day one. Nervous.
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Thread: Just starting...Day one. Nervous.

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    Question Just starting...Day one. Nervous.

    Is there any advice as to what has worked for you. Need accountability. I know that this is just a tool to use to get the weight off and I am really going to try to cut out the soda, lower my carb intake and work out at least 5 times a week on my elliptical. Hoping to lose 30 by May 15th. Is this doable?

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    Your weight loss will greatly depend on your body and your lifestyle while taking Phen. I've lost 5 pant sizes since November 15th.

    Accountability is HUGE when you first start Phen. Yes, you will lose weight just by taking it; however, you're going to need to make the necessary lifestyle changes to make your results from Phen long term.

    Drinking water while taking Phen does something magical- well not quite magical but it helps with hunger, possible side effects, and honestly helps get you ready for life after Phen. Your body needs to be hydrated to function properly.

    Watch what you eat. Not just the amount, but what you actually are eating. Sure, I can eat a 100 calorie snack pack but eating 1/2 cup of pineapple (in 100% pineapple juice) is not only lower in calories but better for me. Portion control is important, but also be honest with yourself about what you eat- I might sound like a broken record but "just one bite" can really add up. I was taking a lot of "just one bites" throughout the day and it hindered my weight loss. Once I started tracking my food intake I started looking at food differently.

    Exercise and stick with it. I had a hard time when I first started Phen with exercising since I was losing weight without it. With the help of my doctor, it one day "clicked" that I need exercise in order to be successful (and not have saggy skin from losing so much weight). I've been working out every day since.

    And lastly, you need to learn to forgive yourself. This was hard for me. I had to forgive myself to getting to the point that I need to take Phen. I had to forgive myself for every time I started to lose weight but stopped dieting/exercising/whatever. Then I made the decision that I'm going to be healthy. Sometimes I do slip up- yes I ate a pack of 80 calorie fruit snacks. But because I ate that, I didn't eat another snack (even though I was hungry) and I pushed myself harder during my work out to burn off those "bad calories".

    Good luck
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    Default Thank you so much

    Accountability is going to be my downfall... my husband and friends keep saying I dont need to lose weight so they aren't much help regarding the accountability. A Sinus infection hit... I have continued taking 1/2 dose for these past few days, however between being on my monthly, and now the sinus infection... I am not sure how well this is working. I am worried about my blood pressure. Usually normal has been running 133/93. I have a home monitor and have been watching this. I am thinking its a combination of the Phen and all the cold meds I am on that is making it high...but I am supposed to go back in tomorrow to get my blood pressure checked and I am afraid they will tell me to stop the Phen. I have gone from 209-206 in the past 5 days. Not bad with being in bed most of the time :-) I believe that once well, if I can continue on Phen that I will be able to work and maintain...have had a gym membership for years and only gone intermittenly however if I have the energy I would be more inclined to go. Also, the food stuff.... I have pretty much given up soda (and drinking tons of water thanks to Phen) and have been doing low carb for the past month....

    Just need to get well...

    Thank you so much for responding

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