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    Question for anyone who has taken Phentermine 37.5 CAPSULES Imprint K29 Manufacturer KVK. Back in 2011 when I took Phen I was given the TABS 37.5 mg manufacturer MUTUAL and they were very energizing and really helped curb My Appitite. I lost about 30 lbs with them. I have re-started the phen and when I picked my Perscription up I was given the CAPSULES..... I feel like they are not working.. I have NO ENERGY..... and I have actually been a bit tired while taking these. And I seem to be hungry all the time !!! I am wondering if I could take them back to the pharmacy and request the TABS. I just don't understand what the difference could be. FUSTRATED!

    Since I could not figure out how to DELETE this thread... I will give an update....

    I went back to my Dr. And Told him about the effects of the capsules... and He had me give him what I had left of them and wrote me a new script to go to a different pharmacy for the Tablets.. and All is good!
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