HI I saw this posted on here and someone was trying to get a response


I had a horrible panic attack the first 2 nights when i went to go to bed on the 30mg blue and white capsule
my Dr told me to split the capsule inhalf and take half one day n half the next until my body adjusts to the phen, and I called my pharmacist to get a second opinion.

The reason ppl think that you cannot split the capsule is bc they are time released, but the capsule shell has nothing to do with it.the individual beads have a coating on them that make the drug time-released (think- the outside of a time release pill.. just tinier)

Ive called the dr twice to get some help on splitting it, and the result ive come up with is take the top off, and do it over something that will keep the beads from bouncing all over or jumping onto the floor. i use the lid side of my pill splitter bc it has relatively high sides and holf the pill as low as i can and at an angle so the beads dont have more than an inch to drop, pour approximately half of the pill out and put the cap back on (i shake the capsule on its side to see if it looks like about half and the easiest way to see it is long-ways)i put the poured out half into a plastic spoon-i found a cheap dg brand that has very deep spoons, and pop the spoon in my mouthn get all the beads off, then quickly swig a bunch of water. if you wait a second too long, it tastes like !*$% ..
my dr said to put the beads in a soppn and dip it into a yogurt or apple cause and that works really good bc you can get the food around it n not even notice the beads... but i do not like to eat anything, even a bite till an hour after my phen..

Also, i called my pharmacist,again, to ask if I need to make sure to take HALF of the white beads and HALF of the blue beads and he said NO. it makes no difference.. in the capsules, the beads are only bi-color to mimic the look of adipex tablets. but it isnt formulated like those where the blue specks are the formula and white is filler.

Ahhh... im glad to get this posted becasue ive been reading the other responses and wanted to make sure i got the truth out... i know crap like this is confusing. If you have any other questions about it you can PM me fo post them