Phen making me tired????
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Thread: Phen making me tired????

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    Default Phen making me tired????

    I know Phen is supposed to give me energy, but 30 minutes after I take it I get very tired and start yawning. Anybody else have this effect? I have yet to experience any sort of energy from it.

    On a happy note, I have been on it for one week and have lost 8 pounds.

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    phen made me tired too but it doesnt mean its not working

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    never gave me energy either an in the begining i would quite literally pass out shortly after taking it. but still it would make my heart race slightly, an did keep me up at night the first few days, go figure? do u have ADHD? that could be one reason why. i myself dont have it, at least i dont think so.... but jus like andrea said, it still works to suppress ur appetite an loose weight. 8 pounds in one week, i would say so its workin! lol. congrats on that, very nice =) . an after ur body gets used 2 it im sure it wont make u as tired. best of luck
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