What is the maximum dosage of Phentermine? Hunger is coming back.
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    Default What is the maximum dosage of Phentermine? Hunger is coming back.

    I take 37.5 in the morning and sometimes take 18.75 in the early afternoon. I've been taking it since May. I lost a few pounds in the beginning and then my weight loss plateaued by mid June. I like that the Phentermine takes the edge off of me thinking about food all day and wondering when I'm going to get my next meal but that's about all it does for me now.

    I wish I could exercise but I haven't been able to because I have a back injury. Also, other reasons for the slow weight loss may be my low thyroid and PCOS.

    Thanks for any information you can offer!

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    Get out & walk. I was lazy w a million excuses too. I started phen June 6th & have lost 27lbs. Be honest about what goes in your mouth & drink more water. U really have to change ur eating. Don't u get meds for ur thyroid? I take half of phen @ 5am & the other @ 930am. Try switching up and not taking so much phen, especially if it isn't helping. I also take alli w dinner . Basically something isn't jiving w ur routine & u won't lose if u don't eat better. Phen isn't magic u have to do the work... Take fiber supplements also, they help fill u up. I know u probably wanted an easy bit of advice, but honestly just taking phen will do nothing for u if u don't change ur lifestyle. My best advice is shut ur mouth & move ur feet. Walking is an easy exercise, no excuses for not walking... Literally the only way besides surgery to lose is eat less & move more. If u don't move alot, then eat healthier & drink water. Anyone who says they lost weight w phen alone is lying, period. Lying lying lying, u can't bullsh*t science, eat less move more, lose weight... Phen is our crutch for now, but if ur not working w it, u should stop taking it... One day it will click, u will be successful, u just need the Will! I took me 3 tries in phen before I lost anything! Why? Cuz I thought a speeder pill would be my magic fix, in June I got mad & decided to try again & actually try. I stopped being so lazy, stopped McDonald's drive thru & I got it in my head that I'm tired of being fat. That is how u successfully do this ! I hope it didn't come across as mean, plz feel free to ask me anything I want to help.
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    Im sorry your not having much luck. I know how frusterating it must be. A good friend of mine has PCOS and struggles daily with weight. Its so hard to lose weight while haing PCOS. I went with her to her last doc appt and I feel for her even more now. Are you on any meds for you PCOS? And walking can be hard on your joints, including your back. Do you have a gym membership ot\r can you get one? I know at my gym there is this bike that you can sit down in, and it is cardio, and it works. I used it when all of the machines were full and it definetly works!! Also, ellipticals are great. Walking can be hard on your body. Almost everyone on Phen hits a plateau at some point. Just push through it. Eat healthy, and up your cardio (as much as you can). Count your calorie intake also..Good luck with it and DONT GIVE UP!!!

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