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    i was just wandering if anyone experienced throwing up in the morning. I've been exercising on and off. This is the first time i exercised really early in the morning about 5:20am. I took my phen about 5:00am and drank a lot of water while exercising. Then I felt like throwing up and I did a couple of times (just water though) sorry sick!

    by the way I stoped taking phen 37.5mg for about 3 weeks because it lost its effect.

    I sterted taking phen 30mg about 3 days ago.

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    Sorry no I haven't had that happen. I have gotten very cotton mouth and coughed alot but that's it. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

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    threw up only once... here are the circumstances. Don't know if it was phen or some little bug...

    Instead of taking my 1/2 dose of phen, I took a whole dose about 10 (normal time). I had a lean cuisine for lunch about 12 and shortly thereafter began to have rapid heart beat, watery mouth and nauscous feelings. I knew a trip to the toilet was in order. I did vomit, not violently, and after the whole ordeal, felt just fine. Seems like once my stomach was empty, I was good to go. \

    I do eat breakfast, but my stomach was empty and continues to be when I take my dose of phen. I would say what I had for lunch that day is also in the normal range... nothing out of the ordinary. I have since taken whole doses of Phen, but prefer to take 1/2 at 10 and 1/2 about 2. This seems to work better for me..

    Who knows...
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