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    Default HCG RECALLED FROM GNC??????

    I decided I was goin to try hcg & called GNC & they told me it had been recalled & couldn't tell me why. Does anyone know why?? I have 2 friends taking it too and am sort of worried now

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    Not sure when it happened but if it happened in the last few days clearly when the FDA comes out and says that these HCG products sold OTC are "fraud" and "illegal" then I don't think GNC has a choice! I wouldn't be surprized if the FDA gave GNC and other retailers a nod before this story became public.

    You should probably direct your question to the forum below as I think I saw a few posts that referred to the GNC recall:


    Personally, I don't advocate it because I think its based on spurious science. However, if that's what you decide to do then I would do *very careful* research since there are a lot of scams out there. Make sure you read the labels because sometimes they don't contain HCG hormone at all even though the products contain HCG in their name. Finally, I don't know which plan you go with but if you decide to go with Simeon's original plan make sure that the HCG dosage/concentration/amounts are comparable to what he recommends. Some of these OTC products may contain considerably less active ingredients ...

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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