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    sorry if this was hard to understand

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    Here is a superb way to help the environment. For $25, you can offset your car's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for about a year! Your car will essentially be carbon neutral.

    I personally made six $25 contributions for my birthday (January 3rd), one for myself & each of my family members. $25 covers one year/5 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – one car driving for 15,000 miles @ 30mpg. (about 500 gallons of gasoline).

    A nonprofit organization, ( ), uses these donations to buy industrial CO2 emission credits traded on the Chicago Climate eXchange (CCX), and then takes them out of service. Individuals cannot buy them (only exchange members like DriveNeutral can). Some details in today's newspaper:

    1) Purchase certificates from . It is a nonprofit, started by a group of university students who wanted to make a difference (see the above article)
    2) Purchase additional certificates to cover your heating system usage – ($25 is about 500 gallons of gasoline, heating oil, etc.)
    3) Purchase certificates to cover your electricity usage
    4) Purchase certificates for others – they are good business or personal gifts.
    5) Buy these each year, to keep your driving carbon neutral.
    6) Mail this opportunity to other people that you know!!

    THESE ARE 80% TAX DEDUCTIBLE !!!! Is there are better use of your money? I am NOT affiliated with this group - I read the USA Today article, & wanted to tell everyone about this...

    You SUV owners can show your bumper decal to others, and tell them to lay off : )


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