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    Default Feeling strange...

    I woke up this morning excited about starting this weightloss journey. I took my Phentermine and ate a good breakfast of 'orange juice, weight watchers granola cereal with almond milk." I was feeling fine, and took my son to school. After dropping him off I was on my way to work when at a stop light the craziest feeling washed over me. I go to work but now I have been here at my desk for an hour and I feel as if my equilibrium is out of whack. Is this normal? Just wondering. Even my fingers feel wierd...if this is a normal reaction- how long does it last? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like you are experiencing the side effects pretty strongly - I got a lot of dizziness when I first started taking it and I also know what you mean about the feeling in your fingers, is it kind of tingly? I would see how you go the rest of the day and maybe half your dose tomorrow and see how your reaction is then, then you can build up to one a day when your body begins to get used to it and doesn't have such a strong reaction with the side effects. Hope you start feeling better, and let us know how you are.

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