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    i just noticed that no one has posted here in a long time ! I guess they were waiting on me to first (lol)

    But seriously i have read just about ever post on here good bad and the ugly ..

    And because i just moved to missouri a couple of months ago from mississippi i figure it gives me the right to post a little something

    I am 24 years old and grew up in biloxi MS I had lived there my whole life it was a wonderfull and beautiful place to live.. It was HOME!!

    my husband and i lost everything we owned we were luckier than some because our house was still there but we had alot of damage to the roof and upstairs and also had 5 feet of water downstairs ..so like i said we lost everything like so many other people from new orleans all the way to alabama did ..

    i personally dont think any area had it better or worse for say than the other
    loss is loss ..
    the fact that i lost everything and they lost everything isnt any different because we live in two diff citys or states the fact is every single person in the united states and in countrys that they still like us americans were affected my hurricane Katrina some way or another and for those who are thinking :but katrina isnt the only hurricane ever .. You are right i personally cried and felt sadness every time someone suffered loss through any disaster and katrina was no different which brings me back to everyones loss is the same ..

    Its just how and if you have the means to survive and rebuilt .. We were lucky mississippi did great things for homeowners and renters that lost everything And once again i feel for the people in new orleans what happened to them was worse than a hurricane it was a hurricane and a travisty on thier city and thier way of lives ...

    But what i really wanted to say before i read the negative post on here was the government was slow in getting all supplies to all states after the storm i remember the military planes would hover over the fire department and drop mre's and water then fly away we spent days passing out small amounts of food to scared and hungry people ..

    But the real help came when the roads were clear enough to recieve all of the donations from around the united states and some other countries.

    It was amazing

    I worked at a thrift store at that time and we were also a distribution center and every day for months we got at least one at first 3 or 4 18 wheelers full of clothes and toiletries everything you could possibly think of food and water.. blankets EVERYTHING... People from every where came to help clean out houses and start rebuilding ... They didnt do it for money they just wanted to help ! There were church groups that came and put tarps on roofs for everyone who needed it !

    I remember seeing some deoderant and shampoos that someone had writen " we love you " from oklahoma so if you live in oklahoma (thank you ) lol we love you too

    thier were letters from kids that donated thier favorite toy and left thier addresses to have them write back

    like i said it was an amazing thing ..

    So for all of you that helped in any way during hurricane katrina ( I thank you from the bottom of my heart ) And i will remember the kindness and thoughfulness i personally felt because of all of you for the rest of my life )

    And those of you that have ever helped anyone during or after any hurricane or tragedy in thier lives GOD BLESS YOU !

    also honestly i might have walked past someone who was begging for money or thought i only have $5.00 to my name that woulnt help anyone .. Well i am hear to tell you that I was wrong i now help everyone that i can and i know for a fact that even $1.00 makes a huge difference .. SO keep that in mind when someone passes you a collection for someone or something you arent crazy about that ever penny helps and one day you might need help yourselves .........

    sorry this post is so long and yes i know my spelling is horrible
    30/F 5'6" (with shoes lol)

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    Well my heart goes out to any & all victims of any tragedy you have had to endure. I have never been a victim but I was working at a nursing home when a tragic flood had come from the aftermath of hurricane Emmogene & we had to evacuate that nursing home at 2 am & I was stuck between a rock & a hard place because I was caretaker of my own grandmother & she called me & said she had fell in the floor & my job wouldn't let me leave.That was tragic enough for me my whole town could have been washed away because the dam almost busted.Tragedy no matter what state it's in or how small the town is the results are the same .I have heard so many people say you are lucky I am sorry but I have never really seen anyone go through a tragedy that was lucky I think the word people are trying to express is GRATEFUL. I know our church sent supplies to help in many different tragedies but I don't recall any of them saying I'm lucky .They would always say we are grateful. God has been so good to us & blessed us so much .That is the key sometimes tragedy strikes just to try to wake up the world to the fact that God is still on the throne .It is not God's intention for anyone to suffer he just wants everyone to recognize that he is still the Great I Am .May God Bless You always .
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    Well Welcome!
    And How Lucky For You To Find This Site of amazing inspiration and encouragement. its been two years since I started my journey for weight loss and I only check in very little now. first let me congratulate you because it looks like through all this you are still losing weight good on you girl! I hope you are all still inspiring each other and checking in often and challenging each other weekly.

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