Doctors near Texarkana, Texas
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    Default Doctors near Texarkana, Texas

    Does anyone know of a doctor in or near Texarkana, Texas who will prescribe Phentermine? (the real stuff) My Gyn here will prescribe, but charges $239/month and it's a knock off that does not work very well. At first he would write me a script & I could fill it where ever I wanted. (got the good stuff) Now, he faxes the script to a mail order pharmacy and they mail it to you and it does not work nearly as good. I lost 42 lbs on the first 3 months with the good one, but, now I'm starving all the time and have only lost 1 lb. Can anyone help?

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    I am sorry not from that area, have you tried to do a search for diet centers? Sometimes they are hard to locate because they have unique names that don't imply what they do. I am astonished at how much your OB doc charges, that is crazy, I wonder if anyone else is paying that much. I thought I paid a lot at around $100 a month (for the appt and the pills) but now I don't feel so ripped off. I would be really leery of that mail order pharmacy that doesn't sound on the up & up to me, also if your doc used to carry it but no longer does I would wonder what happened there to make them change how they filled the prescriptions. I hope you find a good doc in the area that doesn't charge so much

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    barbcall - maybe just try and find another ob/gyn who would? I know mine is who gave me the prescription for Phen, she's monitoring my heart rate/blood pressure, etc. as well so there is a comfort in a doctor like that for me anyway. I paid $36 for mine at the pharmacy, and that was out-of-pocket because they didn't think my insurance would pay for it but I think with my insurance it would still be $35 anyway, Mine is Adipex. But I guess you said you wanted the real stuff...your doctor sounds like they are being cheap and not taking care of you

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    Barbcall: I live in Paris, Texas and that is only about 75-80 miles away from Texarkana. I don't know if you can drive that far back and forward or not. You only have to go in once a month. The first visit if $115. and from there you will have to pay $17.99 for the prescription. Your monthly visit will be $40.00. Their address is 520 N. Collegiate Paris, Texas 75460. The name of it is Hayes clinic and their phone number is 903-784-1608. Let me know if this was helpful or not. Bye for now.
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