Looking for a doctor in Las Vegas Area
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    anyone one know where I can find a doctor who gives phentermine in Las Vegas NV area?
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    Yes I know of a couple of doctors who prescribe phentermine. Do you live in Las Vegas? If you check in the back of the phone book under weight loss you will see some clinics listed that say they prescribe phentermine. I've called a couple of those and their cost for their programs are reasonable...25 a month at one place plus the cost of your medicine. I go back to my doctor at the end of this month and if he will not prescribe phentermine to me for a couple more months I am going to go to one of them because I am getting too close to losing this weight for once and all, and don't think I can do it without phen. I hope this helps. A friend of mine also told me that her doctor was Dr. Conger... and thats where she got her phen prescribed, although the doctor only gave it to her for 3 months. Hope that helps.
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    I'm in Reno, I used to order online cuz it's cheaper. The law was changed in July and now they can't mail to Nevada. So yup! You've gotta find a doc. My doc in Reno will give a script for it but the cost is 3 times that of this site. Good luck

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