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    Hey everyone I really need some advice on why I lose the energy after taking my Phentermine about 2 hours later!? I am on 30 milligrams capsules. I take it at 7 in the morning and I don't eat till about 8:30. I have really good energy for the first couple hours after taking it in the morning and then it dropped off all the sudden. I have been on Phentermine for almost one month now. I would really like to know about everyones experience with the energy they get from phen and does it last longer for you thru out the day?

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    Hey jamie6093, what was it like at the start for you with the energy? Did you get a big boost when you first started phen and now not so much, or has it always been like this? I got more energy at the start I would say, but now I do a lot more exercise and eat way better so I sleep better and have more energy, probably some of that is the phentermine but most is because of the new habits I picked up. I'd look at how much you sleep, your vitamin intake, water intake and the kinds of food you eat as these all effect your energy levels. Maybe even try a day or two with no phen and see how your energy is in comparison.

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