Paleo diet and VLCD....anyone else??
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    A quick reply to your post. I too, have had problems, particularly with my trigycerides. They were in excess of 700 about a year ago (and had been for years). After being put on fenofibrate for about 6 months my level went down to high 300s. My family has a real problem with high triglycerides and sugar addiction. I had blood tests only 6 weeks apart. The first was done within a week of my starting the paleo diet and walking. My triglycerides were 375 and my cholesterol was 197. Only six weeks of 100% compliance on the paleo diet, my triglycerides were only 89 and my cholesterol was 119. These values represent the first time in decades that my blood lipids have been in very healthy range. I am in the normal weight range now, for the first time in over 6 years, I don't get food cravings ever, and my body fat continues to decrease, while I increase muscle mass. I follow Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint, while staying ketogenic. I walk about 5-6 hours a week, lift weights per Mark's plan twice a week and do sprints once a week.

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    Mark has a blog called 'Mark's Daily Apple'. It also includes an iphone app.

    Good luck


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    Default Paleo diet and VLCD....anyone else??

    I have been trying to find a new eating lifestyle, that I can adapt for life. I have known issues with sugar addiction. After much research, the Paleo diet or caveman diet, makes a lot of sense to me.
    Our modern diet is full of crap no one needs, IMHO. Sugar makes my metabolism go crazy. So. Onto the Paleo grains, no legumes, no refined anything, but you can eat meats, nuts, veg(no potatoes if you are actively trying to drop pounds), and fruit!, which differs from Atkins. This diet, just makes sense.
    Around November, 2011, I began to clean up my diet. But, I was still eating sugar, flour and drinking soda (my weakness!). But, I was cutting back, and actively making better choices.
    Fast forward, to February 2012, my body is finally ready to cut out refined carbs. I have slayed the demon, so to speak! Today, carbs were 1/2 an apple and some blackberries. Woohoo! And those blackberries tasted so sweet! My sugar cravings are gone!! And let me tell you, I was the biggest sugar junkie before. And, on the phentermine, my calories stay below 1000 cals a day, no problem, and no, I'm not feeling starved. I feel just fine, actually
    I'm excited to see where this will lead. Thanks to psych meds(Zyprexa, risperidone), hypothyroidism and bad eating habits, I packed on the weight. I'm done with it...time to change!

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