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How does generic phentermine compare to phentermine brands?

While the active ingredient is exactly the same in both generic phentermine and branded phentermine, various phentermine brands contain different inactive ingredients. These ingredients shouldn’t affect effectiveness, but some people find that they respond better to generic or brand name pills.

Here are the main points of comparison between generic and brand name phentermine:

1. Inactive ingredients
Inactive ingredients include coloring and coating to make the tablets easier to swallow, or ingredients which delay the release of active ingredients. Different companies employ different inactive ingredients to make their phentermine pills unique, so these ingredients may differ between brand name and generic medications.

2. Bioequivalence
Still, in general, generic options are bioequivalent to brand name phentermine. This means that the strength, safety, quality, performance characteristics, dosage form and route of administration are exactly the same as the brands, such as Adipex-P, which contain phentermine.

3. Price
Generic phentermine is much cheaper than branded phentermine. This is because there is much less money spent researching, developing, advertising, promoting and marketing the generic version of a drug. As a result, the drug companies are willing to accept a significantly lower profit margin on their generic drugs.

4. Effectiveness
While some people find that brand name phentermine is more effective than generic phentermine, but the opposite can also prove true. This is because each individual’s reaction to a particular medication is dependent on personal differences in physiology and lifestyle. Just as each patient deals with different side effects, different people also experience different effects from generic phentermine versus brand name phentermine.


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