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WOW! Over 1 Million Messages Posted in the Forums

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We are proud to announce that Phentermine.com has reached and surpassed 1 million posts and more than 100 000 threads on the forum.

Since its creation in 1999, Phentermine.com has become THE website dedicated to phentermine, the oldest weight loss pill (since the 1950’s) and still the most commonly prescribed prescription appetite suppressant, accounting for more than 60% of weight loss pills prescriptions in the USA.

Phentermine.com is not only a unique site offering information about phentermine and Adipex but is also a huge and very active community of patients that have obtained amazing results.

Phentermine.com’s invaluable forum is also a community which shares experiences from people who are already using or who have used the pill.  Phentermine.com provides the facts but it is you who provide the emotional support, advice and human element which is so important when trying to lose weight.

We would like to thank you very much for all your contributions, experiences and wisdom which has made Phentermine.com the Number 1 site for phentermine!


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