turn over a new leaf with phentermine

Turn Over A New Leaf With Phentermine

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Despite the fact that the year is winding down and the temperatures are cooling, fall is a time of year when we think about new beginnings, as children return to the classroom, teenagers go away to school and fashion magazines are full of new season collections.

If the resolutions we made for the New Year didn’t last very long, this time of year can also be a good opportunity to turn over a new leaf and make new resolutions, such as taking phentermine and beginning your weight loss journey in time to see results by the holidays. Now that the summer vacation is over, we have some great tips to help you get motivated and ready to enter into the festivities as a confident new you.

Set Your Goals

The final destination on your weight loss journey will be your goal weight; your phentermine doctor should advise you about a healthy weight based on your statistics, but you can also find out your goal weight and how long you can expect to take to achieve this goal here. This link leads to an interactive userspace on Phentermine.com, where you can track your weight loss goals.

Based on this information, you should be able to devise targets for each month, remembering that a slow and steady weight loss of around 2 pounds per week is the healthiest way to lose weight, and it will also be more likely that you will keep this weight off once you reach your goal. Setting goals related to other achievements can also help keep you motivated, so don’t forget to think ahead about fitness goals you want to achieve this fall, too!

Eat Right

As well as a target weight, your phentermine doctor can advise you on how many calories you need each day. It is generally thought that the minimum amount of calories you should consume each day is 1200, but the exact amount you should be eating depends on your starting weight, sex, age and height. You must also ensure you use your calories wisely and consume the right foods to maximize your weight-loss potential.

Put it this way, 1200 calories of chocolate and 1200 calories of vegetables are both 1200 calories, but you’ll store the chocolate as fat. However, it is very important that you eat enough to actually be able to lose weight. Not providing your body with enough food will cause your metabolic rate to slow down and your body will start to conserve any food you do provide it as fat.

Aim to drink lots of water and include whole grains, fiber, protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, and avoid processed foods, simple carbohydrates, sugars, and the trans fats found in products like butter, cookies and cakes. You can find a comprehensive guide of what to eat while taking phentermine here.

turn over a new leaf with phentermine

Record Everything

A key tip for anyone losing weight, is to record everything that passes your lips, and that includes drinks, which can often be a dieter’s downfall. You will soon become an expert in how many calories everything contains, and while counting calories can be a little tedious, it is crucial in order to remain accountable for what you eat and drink.

With the parties and family dinners coming up, it is even more important that you record everything, as seeing how many calories that slice of pie has in black and white means that it will be less likely that a slip-up will turn into a binge. However, the odd treat here and there will mean you don’t feel deprived and end up undoing all your good work along the way.

As well as recording calories, also record the positive things you achieve, such as how many laps you did at the pool, or how many miles you’ve run this week. Continue to challenge yourself and aim to go that little bit further each week; this will keep your metabolism running smoothly, while also ensuring the scales and the tape measure reward your hard work with good news.

Embrace the Changes

Your main goal will generally focus on a goal weight, but you should remember to embrace the other benefits, which will come as part of achieving this goal, and the changes you will see along the way. You will become healthier both in terms of your physical fitness and with respect to a reduced risk of serious illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, in the long term. You will also be able to wear more of the clothes you had previously resigned to the back of your closet, or as an extra motivation, reward yourself with new clothes in smaller sizes when you reach a new weight or lose inches.

With the holiday season only a few months away, imagine how confident you will feel in a new, smaller-sized dress going to a holiday party, and all the compliments and congratulations you’ll receive on your weight loss success. The bigger picture helps you form mini-goals, which can be scale-based, but it is often the non-scale victories which keep people motivated. These goals help you become less focused on the scale digits and more focused on yourself, your body and your health.

Support Each Other

Although some people will have supportive people around them, others prefer not to tell their friends and families about their weight loss journey. While this is a personal choice, it is always helpful to find support in positive and encouraging people. Here at Phentermine.com, we have a great forum where everyone is free to discuss their experiences, success stories, and questions.

Updating your weight losses and speaking about your goals and achievements also keeps you accountable, plus others can sometimes look at things more objectively, offering great advice and encouragement when you’re feeling less motivated. Plus, helping others and giving advice will give you a great positive feeling, making you really feel part of a community.

Add a Supplement

To make the most of your resolution to get motivated in the months leading up to the holidays, adding a supplement can really help. Phen Caps, a product recently added to Phentermine.com, is a phentermine alternative and complement which can be taken with phentermine for an extra boost, on its own, or after you finish your phentermine prescription. It helps to suppress appetite, cravings and increase energy, ultimately helping you to achieve your weight loss goals.


Now that you have your plan for the coming months organized, you’re ready to power along your weight loss journey to success. We would love to hear from you if you have decided to turn over a new weight loss ‘leaf’ in time to see results by the holiday season, or if you have any tips or questions, please comment below!


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