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The Top 5 Phentermine Forum Threads

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Our forum here on Phentermine.com is your #1 place for weight loss support, tips, tricks and advice from people who have traveled/are traveling down the same road as you… The road to weight loss! Check out our top 5 phentermine forum threads and find where YOU can get the support you need to succeed!

1. New Year New You Challenge

This challenge thread has been running since the start of the year but anyone can join at any time. Those on the thread share weekly weigh-ins stats plus stories and updates and encourage others who are newer to the forum, answering questions and providing informed and helpful support and advice. The Valentine’s Day challenge has just finished but the thread is now looking towards their next challenge as users are setting new goals for where they want to be by Easter – why not join them and get in on the weight loss challenge action?!

2. Seeking Weight Loss Support & Encouragement

This thread was started by a woman who has lost weight but feels her efforts are ignored by those who matter most to her, especially her husband. Other forum users have responded as they do best, with lots of love, support and encouragement. If you have a story to tell and feel a lack of support around you then the forum has lots of kind and helpful members, many of whom know exactly how you feel and have also gone through similar things, helping you feel less alone as you progress on your weight loss journey to success.

3. Phentermine Users New & Old

New phentermine users share stories and ask advice of those with more experience of taking the medication, including some forum users who have taken phentermine before and are on their second time round. If you’re new to phentermine then the forum is a great way to find out information on anything from diets and exercise to side effects and results.


4. Mom Sharing & Seeking Support

A mom shares her story of starting her weight loss journey after having two children and seeks support from other moms. Other forum users, many of whom are moms too, share their stories and advice about exercise and how they’re progressing on their journeys, showing how the forum is an ideal source of support for those who may feel isolated due to their circumstances

5. 100lb Club

This thread was started for those with over 100lbs to lose in total, where those posting on the forum can be supported and encouraged by those in a similar position and with a similar amount of weight to lose, plus be inspired by the success stories of those who had over 100lbs to lose and are making their way down towards their goals. We feel less alone and more encouraged when we know we’re not the only ones with a big challenge ahead of us, so if you feel overwhelmed by your weight loss goals then the forum is a great way to talk to people also in your position and share mutual support and encouragement.

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