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Top 10 Ways To Curb Your Appetite

Losing weight isn’t easy, as we all know, so all the help we can get is needed. Read through this list to help you incorporate new eating and weight management strategies into your life, helping you get that much closer to reaching your goal!

1. Eat every 3-4 hours

Eating small meals or snacks throughout the day helps keep you full while also keeping your metabolism up and steady. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not eating enough on a regular basis, and then they get really hungry and binge on bad foods. Eating small meals throughout will control this.

2. Drinks lots of water and unsweetened tea

When it comes to losing weight, the importance of water can not be stressed enough. Drinking a glass of water before you eat, for example, oftens allows you to each much less. Or, just drinking a lot of water, in general, throughout the day will keep your appetite at bay. If you tend to get sick of just plain water all day, try some unsweetened tea, which has the same effect on your appetite and also can contain additional healthy nutrients.

3. Imagine/Do something unappetizing

Somewhat of an odd trick, but often effective, is imagining or doing something you find gross. For example, if you are easily freaked out by surgical images, look up a few online and that is sure to put you off eating for a while. Or, smell a dumpster, clean the cat litter or bathroom, anything undesirable that may take away your appetite.

4. Occupy yourself

Sometime you just seem to get cravings, even when you are not hungry at all. This can happen a lot and eating when you don’t really need to can hurt your weight loss progress. A great way to avoid eating at times like these, is keep yourself busy with something you enjoy doing. Go read a book, take a walk, call a friend, make jewellery, anything that will get your mind off food. After doing this, you often won’t find yourself craving those foods anymore.

5. Fills you up with less calories

When you do need to eat, you should be eating foods that are healthy and filling. Two great food options for this, are salad and soup. Salad contains mostly greens, typically, is very low-calorie and also packs water, which as we know, helps to fill us up. Soup, also having a large water content, does the same. You can make both soup and salad with many different ingredients, so you should be able to find something you enjoy, which is also important. It is also advisable to add some kind of lean protein, like chicken, beans or lentils, into the mix.

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6. Eat enough fiber

Getting enough fiber in your diet will keep you full and is also crucial to a healthy diet. Make sure you are adding foods like flax seed, nuts, beans, bananas and oats to your food plan, to make the most of the calories you intake.

7. The 20-minute rule

You may have heard this one before, and it is a very important and useful point to know. When you eat food, it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to tell your stomach this it’s full. Therefore, you should eat slowly and give yourself time before reaching for seconds, because you may just be stuffing yourself when it’s not necessary.

8. Exercise!

This point goes perfectly with the idea of weight loss, and especially suppressing appetite. Basic exercise decreases your need for cravings and overactive appetite, as it increases the brain receptors responsible for pleasure chemicals (and where many reach for food to satisfy this increase, rather than exercise).

9. Say “No” to sugar!

Consuming sugar often spikes your blood pressure, making you tired and more hungry, so eating sugary foods is a huge no-no if you want to effectively lose weight. Also, sugary foods really have no nutrients, as they are often processed as well, and do nothing for your body. If you crave sweet foods, try having an apple, or another piece of fruit instead.

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10. Introduce a supplement

When you have a busy lifestyle, or just want some help while trying to lose weight, a diet supplement can be a great option for you. Supplements can ensure you can all the nutrients you need, while reducing your appetite and cravings and giving that needed extra energy. Phentermine.com has experimented with many of these different weight loss supplements available, and the best quality phentermine alternative found so far has been Phen Caps. It effectively reduces appetite, cravings and increase energy, which are the most important factors in weight loss.

Losing weight and generally living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging for everyone, however with the right knowledge and tips, it can be made much easier. Take note of the most useful tips in this list that will help you throughout your journey in weight loss. Feel free to leave a comment below with your own favorite tips, or share this list with your favorite social network and help someone else! And remember, Success is always a work in progress!

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