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The Mind Game of Weight Loss: Part 2

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Last week, we published the first 5 points in “The Mind Game of Weight Loss: Part 1”, where we discussed psychological tips and tricks you can apply to your life. Weight loss is very much what you eat and how active you are, but it is also about how you think and train your mind. This factor may be the hardest of all, but it is definitely possible and if you can master it, you will most likely keep the weight off for the rest of your life! What an exciting thought that is! Now, let’s get to the final four points of weight loss and the mind…

6. Indulgences: Not Just Food

It is ironic that those who are on a diet are constantly thinking about food. When you’re trying to be healthy, food is viewed as the ultimate treat and it is often used as part of a self-reward system. Instead, take some time out of your busy schedule and treat yourself to something that you wouldn’t normally do, whether it is buying a new lipstick, going to the movies in the afternoon, or getting a massage – the more self-indulgent, the better. This gives you something to look forward to, makes you feel and even look better, and it is guaranteed not to ruin your good work.

7. Learn to Love Your Body

Speaking of getting a massage, a study from Ohio State University has shown that women who accept their bodies are more likely to have better eating habits. A massage can help women achieve this acceptance, as by allowing themselves to be touched by someone else, women can become more comfortable with their bodies, even if they haven’t reached their ideal weight yet.

weight loss psychology

8. Know Your Triggers

Certain people, situations or emotions can be triggers that threaten your best intentions to eat well. It could be a critical friend, a stressful job or just simple boredom, but we all know that there are times when we eat even though we’re not really hungry, or make bad food choices when we’re being driven by our emotions. You need to identify these triggers, and keeping a food diary can really help this. Then, when you are able to identify your trigger, you need to address the cause if possible, as it’s at the heart of the bigger issue. On a more serious note, if your weight problems started while you were growing up, psychological issues were and probably still are important factors, so it could be worth talking to a professional to try and overcome these issues.

9. Believe in Your Method

Many people embarking on a new healthy-eating plan are serial offenders, and so it is understandable to have a “If this doesn’t work, nothing will” attitude when you’ve been there before. However, this kind of negative thinking can really harm your best intentions. Think about the concept of positive thinking when it comes to illness; the person’s belief in success make it possible for them to see themselves as being cured, and their body obeys. So, whether you’re beginning a new plan of healthy-eating, taking an effective weight loss supplement, or a new exercise regime, have faith that this is the start of a whole new you, and never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

This article may be one of the most important articles you ever read when it comes to your weight loss. We often forget how important our minds are in influencing our decisions and attaining our goals, however if we have the right knowledge, we are opening ourselves to become more powerful. As you may have heard before, weight loss and a healthy life is not a Monday to Friday thing, nor is it a temporary thing until you reach you goal, it is a lifestyle and a choice!


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